OpenZWave (beta) for Home Assistant

New OpenZWave (beta) for Home Assistant

If you’re a Z-Wave user and been following the latest Home Assistant news, you might have noticed a new “OpenZWave (beta)” integration that keeps getting mentioned. This Home Assistant integration aims to improve the Z-Wave experience within Home Assistant by controlling your Z-Wave network over MQTT. In today’s article I’m going to be discussing how … [Read more…]

Automating Our Nursery with Home Assistant

Automating our Nursery with Home Assistant

In today’s article, I wanted to walk through our nursery and give an overview of projects that have helped us automate bedtime and monitor our kiddo. I’ve mentioned a few on the blog before but wanted to bring them all together and show some newer automations I’ve created. I use Home Assistant to combine different … [Read more…]

SnapRAID mergerfs

Combining Different Sized Drives with mergerfs and SnapRAID

When building storage for your home server, there are lots of different routes you can take. You could buy a bunch of drives and build a FreeNAS server. Or maybe you want a hardware solution and RAID looks appealing? Or maybe you’ve heard really cool things about ZFS on Linux and want to try it … [Read more…]

Chamberlain B970

Chamberlain B970 WiFi Garage Door Opener Review and Set Up

There’s nothing worse than when an appliance you depend on every day suddenly breaks down. That’s what happened to me at the beginning of the year when my garage door opener stopped working. After reading reviews I bought myself the Chamberlain B970 to get my garage door functioning again. In this post, I’ll be going … [Read more…]

Cloud Free Smart Vacuum

Cloud Free Smart Vacuum – Valetudo for Roborock S5

Looking to free your robot vacuum from the cloud? Want to control your vacuum over MQTT and have full access to the map it generates of your house? Today’s article will walk you through installing Valetudo. Valetudo is a binary that runs on rooted Roborock S5 vacuums that enable users to fully control the vacuum without any cloud connection whatsoever. I’ll also walk through getting the generated map displaying in your Home Assistant instance so you can monitor your vacuum as it cleans your house!

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