Side Project Roundup – May 2019

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I’ve decided to start a new type of series on my blog, the “Side Project Roundup”. The Side Project Roundup features some little details about various Home Automation, Home Labbing or Home Improvement projects that I’ve done throughout the month, but didn’t get into a full-blown article. I hope it sparks some interest for you to tackle some of your own projects!

Outdoor Lighting Replacement

When I was looking to improve my outdoor floodlights I knew I was going to be moving to the Zooz ZSE29 Outdoor motion sensor for detecting motion and triggering my landscape lighting. I decided I would replace my outdoor light fixture with this really cheap basic one. Overall I was basically going for one that looked decent and didn’t have the bulky motion detection sensor I knew I wouldn’t be using. I’m pretty happy with it and will definitely consider a few more as I update the lighting around my house. I also got some flood light LED bulbs to go with it.

Outdoor Flood Light Fixture

Garage Shelving

I have been slowly but surely reorganizing my garage and creating new storage. Even though my wife and I have a 2 car garage we never seem to have space in it. Since we’ve moved I’ve continuously added shelves and tried to improve the organization.

Along the backside of my garage, the is a long workbench. I decided that rather than just store random stuff under it, I would make some shelves to improve the organization. Some 2×4’s and some spare OSB later, I’ve got a few shelves to store some of my lawn care goodies and spare wood from projects.

Garage Shelves

DIY Succulent Holder

This month was my wife’s first mother’s day. As part of her gift, I made her this little succulent holder. It uses some of my son’s plastic bottles to actually hold the plants. It was pretty easy to make so if you’re looking for a quick gift you can make I definitely recommend it. All credit goes to Shanty2Chic for the article and plans.

DIY Succulent Holder

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As for projects that made the blog, I finished my DIY WiFi Sprinklers (Part 1 and Part 2) as well as stepped up my outdoor lighting using the ZEN22 Z-Wave switch and ZSE29 Outdoor Motion sensor.

Worked on anything cool at your home? Let me know in the comment section!